Massage – The perfect way to replenish tired muscles

Men and women working in the construction trades (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.) work long hours in jobs that require a lot of bending, stooping and kneeling.  At the end of a long day on a job site, it’s common and expected – for example – that a plumber will be tired and sore from the day’s labors.  That’s where massage can help.

If your muscles are sore or your back and shoulders ache, if your leg muscles hurt from standing all day or from kneeling in uncomfortable positions for too long, then massage can be a wonderful way to replenish your energy and get rid of the aches!

We are advocates for the importance of tradesmen and women learning about end taking advantage of the health benefits of massage.  Just because someone is an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter doesn’t mean that massage – which is more typically thought of as being a spa treatment for women – is not a can’t miss experience for them, too.  Mr. Plumber, picture the following…..

Imagine the contrast, imagine how nice this would be:  Leaving the noise and chaos of a job site and walking into a tidy, quiet office with a polite, professional receptionist who welcomes you into the waiting room.  Quiet music plays, you relax while awaiting your appointment, maybe you have a delicious beverage and read a little.  When you are called, Mr. Plumber, your therapist leads you to your private room where you describe what is bothering you and then relax – maybe even sleeping – while the masseuse takes over.  Your muscles will thank you!

As a plumber, or a carpenter, or an electrician, you might have trouble picturing yourself enjoying a massage.  We assure you – if you can drop the “tough-guy” or “manly-man” inner image you have of yourself and try a therapeutic massage, you will discover why physical trainers and doctors alike recommend a massage to help restore your strained and tired body.

Once you’re done with the massage, your head will be relaxed and your thoughts clear!  You can then return to improving your career and getting on with your life.  If you are an apprentice, for example, working to become a plumber, you can get back to preparing to pass your plumbing license exam.  Relaxed and feeling great, you’ll absorb all that information with no problem, not to mention you’ll sleep great that night!  Give it a try.

For more information about the health benefits of massage, look at Wikipedia‘s helpful overview of what is now more commonly being called medical massage.

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